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Historically, when the techniques of scripting are introduced into a field of information technology, scripting quickly grows to dominate that field. This has been so since early mainframes, and it remains so today. From desktop application suites to embedded systems, scripting quickly dominates. Even in the nasty field of writing viruses, the recently introduced macro viruses have quickly grown to dominate.

In particular, the moment JavaScript/ECMAScript was introduced into a web browser it's use exploded over other dynamic-content methods (Java, plugins, ActiveX) and all other browser makers had to follow suit. Most new industry group specifications now include use of ECMAScript (W3C for XML and DOM, OMG for CORBA, VRML, specifying JavaScript).

Knowing that JavaScript/ECMAScript will quickly dominate markets where it is introduced, how can you exploit this knowledge? You be the one, the visionary leader who will introduce JavaScript to new markets.

Nombas has scripting expertise, but we probably don't have expertise in your market. So the quickest way to exploit the tremendous scripting opportunity in your market is for us to work together.

Here's a few examples of scripting markets ready to be exploited. We've left off some of the best ideas; your ideas are probably better.


mputer Games - The fastest way to bring an entertaining and playable game to market is by scripting the elements of the game. It's right that rendering engines be controlled by the fastest engine possible, but it is not right to "hard-code" the behavior of characters, scenes, and elements in a compiled language. The computer "play" should be scripted for rapid modification and tweaking. With new performance improvements in Nombas' scripting even more portions of the game can be script-enabled.


bedded Processors - Small, fast, and portable. With Nombas' ScriptEase ISDK, and the wide array of compile-time options, JavaScript can be added to any embedded and real-time system. The JavaScript engine can run in as little as 40K. You can then add any extra functionality you need for a completely customized (and recustomizable) development platform. The additional remote debugger interface is a must.


me Automation - Embedded JavaScript will fit in any device and Disitributed Scripting will let let all these devices share processing. The result is everything connected to everything. Yes, your refrigerator should be able to talk to your air conditioner, so they do maximize their energy use at the same time, and they should both talk to your electric company to get the latest rate schedules and know the optimum times to go off.


art Cards - A smart card is small in every way, and it needs to interract with other electronic devices in every way. No language today is smaller, more portable, or more widely accepted across systems than JavaScript. With the introduction of distributed scripting there's no simpler way for two systems (smart card, cash register, phone, etc...) to share communication and processing.


twork Management - Configuration, testing, table updates, multiple accounts, security policies, software installation, software updates, usage monitoring.... Managing a network of users and equipment is a nightmare. But with a common JavaScript client on all systems a network can be managed from a single location. Nombas' ScriptEase JavaScript can run unobtrusively in every device, along full capabilities and full scriptable security, to let each device be controlled, monitored, and configured remotely. For instance, see ScriptEase:Desktop as an ideal client daemon on every desktop system.


rkflow - Workflow is not just about the flow of information, but about the low of processes and decisions. A single "document" can now contain data of any kind, of course, but with JavaScript it can also contain procedures. Our email-plugin and browser-plugin previews provide a good start for showing how work processes and data can flow together.


t-top and kiosk browsers - Here at Nombas we usually say that "we specialize in JavaScript for everything except browsers", but that isn't exactly true. We do make JavaScript for browsers; we have a special browser object library available for hooking into any browser framework (i.e., the flexibility of our browse library means that you are not tied to our model). For kiosks, which must run non-stop day after day under constant abuse, it is important to note that our ScriptEase:ISDK is a rock-solid implementation that completely contains error handling and dow not allow memory leaks even with circular links.


y Application Category - Scripting adds value to any application. If your competitors have scripting in their application and you don't, then your competitors have a shorter development time, faster implementation of extensions and modifiable modules, higher value in the eyes of the market, and will not doubt have a larger class of VARs extending and reselling their product. If your competitors allow scripting in their application and you dont allow scripting in yours, then you're in a mighty heap of trouble.


ere Java Doesn't Work - A good way to learn about markets where ECMAScript/JavsScript is bound to succeed next is by watching where Sun is positioning Java. First Java was supposed to be on set-top boxes, but that didn't work (but JavaScript works great in even the smallest boxes). Then Java was supposed to revolutionize the web with page applets, but that didn't work either (but JavaScript has received tremendous support and use in web pages). Then Java was supposed to be the web server solution, but that hasn't worked either (but ones again JavaScript works ideally with almost all web servers). Having missed their target three times the Java advocates will keep trying (Personal Java, Java POS, Enterprise Java) because all of Java's promises are good--but JavaScript fullfulls those promises better. So whenever you hear Sun promise a new area for Java to succeed, it's a pretty safe bet that it will really be JavaScript that succeeds there.

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