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Retired (probably) nurse, but you never know: Nurse Resume & Nursing Portfolio.

...or a nurse with software skills?
See Nurse/Engineer Resume.

World's Greatest Joke of 2011

Question: What do you call it when you eat pizza and then get diarrhea?

Answer: click here for greatest punchline of 2011

Stuff I'm working on

Stuff I've neglected for too long

  • Kangaroo Caller - Telephone reassurance to promote senior independence. Shut down at the end of 2015 :(
  • Nombas - A now-defunct business I founded a long long time ago to promote, license, and support scripting (originally Cmm then Javascript/Ecmascript).
  • Problems Solving Problems - QA and development tools that simulate worst-case conditions so products can be made to work well in the real world. First step: CrappyNet.
  • Aisle Zero - Grocery Shopping as a Service (GSaaS).
  • RadioWeave - (aka YiqYaq) more info coming, maybe....
  • Old Literature - I used to think it was my calling to be a writer. Ha. Ha ha. Links to old short stories and a novel  coming soon....
  • LastComputer Blog - Been kind of quiet there. sorry.
  • India Travel Blog - Long diary entries from our trip to India & Thailand.
  • Endearing Terms

Ways to find me

The Reasons the Internet Was Invented

  • Our Wedding - Amy & Brent's wedding page. Keeping count of how many blissful seconds we've been
  • Non-stop entertainment - I didn't make this, but it's just the greatest.
  • Do the Math - "Using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options—by Tom Murphy"
  • The Pokayoke Guide - Everything you need to know about making a software startup.

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