ScriptEase: WebServer Edition

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Internet Distributed Scripting Protocol

Mini Web Server

Mercury Orbiter

The internet is a world-wide system of disparate computers and devices with nothing in common except for a few key protocols. Connecting all of these components into a bug-free whole would seem nearly impossible without the glue-like capabilities of scripting technologies.

Nowhere have the advantages of combining components via scripting been more apparent than on the Internet. Companies need to automate the development of interactive features and create dynamic web sites that promote heavy traffic and repeat visitors. These sites must link with existing legacy systems, link older paradigms with the new Internet protocols, and even interact with the user’s own system. Scripting provides the means by which corporations can achieve such results with simplicity and ease.

These are some of the internet technologies provided by Nombas:

ScriptEase:WebServer Edition (SE:WSE) delivers server-side JavaScript for live, interactive web sites. This portable tool works with all common CGI protocols. For OEMs SE:WSE quickly integrates the internet's most popular language into operating systems, web servers, and application servers.

Browser object libraries, when combined with our JavaScript-compatible, ECMAScript-compliant ScriptEase:Integration SDK (SE:ISDK), make it possible to create standalone, embedded, set-top, or kiosk browsers that are fully compatible with pages developed for the latest HTML standards supported by W3C, Netscape, and Microsoft.

Scripted versions of standard internet protocols, such as TCP/IP sockets, HTML parsing, FTP, HTTPD, SMTP, and GIF, simplify standard interactions from all ScriptEase products.

Internet Distributed Scripting Protocol (ISDP) allows scripts and compiled programs to interact remotely, down to the single statement, in the easiest way possible.

The MiniWebServer, a minimal implementation of server-side HTTPD protocols, turns any application into a web server, allow monitoring and configuration from any browser anywhere.

The Mercury Orbiter web browser plug-in allows scripted applets to run within a browser, with full capabilities to interact with the operating system and programs running on that system and a powerful security mechanism to ensure the safety of the client's data.

Agents, wireless devices, workgroup scripting, XML parsing, remote debugging... Nombas' development of internet technologies continues.

Nombas is not an "Internet Company" but a "Script-Engine Company". It is easy to confuse the two because scripting is so integral to the functioning of internet products and protocols--OK, you can call Nombas an "Internet Company" if you want to.

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