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ScriptEase Runtime Extensions (SE:RTEx) allow you to write your own libraries in C/C++ to extend any ScriptEase product.

Once created, these libraries can then be utilized by anyone writing in ScriptEase and called from any ScriptEase script.

The advantage is performance: optimizing weighty, often-used functions in your scripts. Compiled external libraries execute processor intensive tasks much faster than interpreted JavaScript code, thus extending JavaScript's power and dramatically increasing its speed.

SE:RTEx and the ScriptEase JavaScript Environment

ScriptEase:Run-Time Extensions can be used with any and all of Nombas' ScriptEase scripting engines, as well as any product that is written with the ScriptEase:Integration SDK for C/C++. (SE:RTEx is based partially on the SE:ISDK/C.)

All ScriptEase products:

  • Webserver Edition
  • Embedded Scripting ISDK for C/C++
  • Desktop
are implementations of fully ECMAScript-compatible JavaScript.

SE:RTEx includes sample external libraries as guides to developing your extensions.


Nombas will pay for well-written extensions using SE:RTEx. Turn your field of expertise into a useful tool for ScriptEase JavaScript users everywhere. For more details, contace

For more information, pricing, and details, e-mail Sales at


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