Old Nombas User Docs

Hopefully one of these old documents will support the Nombas product you find yourself with. If not, then contact Brent Noorda and maybe he'll be able to locate something for you (most of the old documentation is in formats unsupported by any application I currently run, so the data is probably there but just takes work to get at--this includes anything related to original Cmm and CEnvi, ThinServer, WebServer Edition, Agents, and more that I've surely forgotten).

The final released manuals for ScriptEase Integrated Software Development Kits:

Various older SE:ISDK manuals: Various ScriptEase:Desktop manuals: etc... Incredibly old shareware files for CEnvi version 2.11 (circa 1996) - please don't try to register or pay for this stuff
Documentation for CEnvi version 2.11 shareware
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