Scripting A - Z: The End (a.k.a. "Z")

Conclusion: Those who master scripting will dominate the IT market.

  • Scripting is a faster way to build solutions that work
    Faster development, fewer bugs, greater security, and flexible gluing lead to solutions that work, now, and come together much quicker than using traditional system-level tools.

  • Know when to use what languages
    Compare the weighted needs for each piece of a solution to choose what level tool fits. The best fit is often multiple tools combined.

  • Scripting has won. The battle is over.
    The press has spoken of a revolution in easier programming, with write-once run-anywhere ubiquity. The revolution has occurred but it is not the one the press covered (i.e., the revolution has not been televised). The promise has been realized--the revolution has occurred--with the widespread acceptance and use of scripting. Script languages quickly dominate application development in any arena where they're introduced.

What next:

    Now is the time to learn more about scripting. Practice the languages, and recognize when and where they make sense in developing your own solutions.


    If you're an application developer, or develop for embedded systems, and have not yet script-enabled your system then do so now. Nombas' ScriptEase:ISDK makes easy to enable any application or embedded system with a JavasScript-compliant / ECMAScript-compatible script language. Add scripting now!


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Here we end this Scripting: A to Z presentation. Thank you for your attention. The following is a list of links and examples related to the topics discussed on these pages:

Happy Scripting! Bye Bye.



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