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ScriptEase Integrated SDK for C/C++ and J2ME opens up the world of Device JavaScript to you. With ScriptEase ISDK, you can quickly integrate ECMAScript-compliant JavaScript into your Palm OS, BlackBerry, and PocketPC applications.

An EPOC device version is coming soon. Contact Tech Support if you are interested in downloading the preview release.

Up until now, memory constraints and footprint problems have made adding scripting to handheld device applications difficult, if not impossible. ScriptEase ISDK tackles that challenge with new memory optimizations required to run effectively on these small devices.

You can run even large scripts in very little memory. Our memory-caching of your program requires less than 11k to initialize engine and all ECMAScript objects, less than 1k to compile a standard script, and few more kilobytes if you choose to add even a large number of additional objects.

See why ScriptEase ISDK is the clear choice for adding embedded scripting to your handheld device application. Download and test this shared-library version now.

Download the Palm OS, RIM/Blackerry, or Windows CE versions today.


Device JavaScript's Mobile Device Support: Impossible? Or Just Plain Smart?
Learn about Nombas' ground-breaking techniques for supporting
ScriptEase across multiple mobile devices.

Case Study: See Device JavaScript In Action
Jargon Software uses ScriptEase ISDK as part of their wireless handheld solution. Click here to read all about how they use Device JavaScript in the real world

Who Is Using ScriptEase ISDK?
The biggest names in the technology industry are already using our integrated development kit, including Cisco, Intel, Sun, Compaq, and IBM. See our Licensee Showcase.

Release: Nombas Unveils Device JavaScript
Read our press release on the Device JavaScript


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