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SE:ISDK Downloads

ScriptEase:ISDK is provided in both C/C++ and Java versions.

As described in our Jan 11 2002 newsletter, Version 5 is the most significant improvement in script-language integration since Nombas introduced script development tools nearly a decade ago. The April 1 2004 newsletter describes the latest 5.01 improvements.

Version 5.01b for Java and J2ME

The J2ME release must be made for specific J2ME platforms; Contact Nombas TechSupport if you don't see your J2ME platform here.

Version 5.01b for C/C++

All of the following come as self-extracting executables, requiring curses on Unix systems. Curses is standard on almost all Unix systems, but if you do not have curses then download the tar.gz version.

Previous Versions

If you have earlier ScriptEase code to compare against older 5.0 or 4.x releases, contact Nombas TechSupport, and we can furnish you with a trial version of the release you require.

For more information, pricing, and details, e-mail Sales at


Download ScriptEase Runtime Extensions (SE:RTEx). With SE:RTEx, you can write and link to your own C libraries.


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