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The ScriptEase:Integration SDK allows you to quickly and easily embed a fully functional script language interpreter into your C/C++ or Java application. You get the full power of an interpreter engine without the time, engineering, or hardware resources required to develop a proprietary macro language.

Top 3 benefits of ScriptEase:ISDK

Ease of Development: By enabling quick and easy embedding of JavaScript into their applications, ScriptEase ISDK allows developers to customize and extend their applications far beyond the off-the-shelf capabilities of their products.

Fastest and smallest JavaScript in the Universe: Provides a JavaScript that helps developers surpass their competitors in the speed of execution of their software products.

Multiplatform: ScriptEase runs native on over 20 platforms including phones, handhelds, embedded systems, PCs, servers (including LINUX, UNIX and Microsoft OSs) and mainframes.

ScriptEase ISDK Advantages

  • Industry Standard Scripting Language
  • More Flexible Applications
  • Easier Portability
  • Improved Code Reuse
  • Faster Application Development
  • Industry Standard Scripting Language

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK is based on ScriptEase, a JavaScript (ECMAScript) compatible scripting language that fully conforms to the ECMA Standard 262. Adherence to this standard assures a multi-platform scripting language designed specifically with ease-of-use in mind. As ScriptEase is fully JavaScript compatible, JavaScript books and tutorials can be used to learn the ScriptEase language and JavaScript applications can be fully exploited.

Adherence to standards is why so many industry leaders license their JavaScript/EcmaScript from Nombas.

Easy to Incorporate

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK's 80 API functions make adding the ScriptEase language to your application a fast, straight-forward process. Through simple initializing function calls, the ScriptEase engine is directly integrated into your application.

The ScriptEase language is extended by defining wrappers around your application's internal functions and data. ScriptEase:Integration SDK includes example wrappers for the standard C library and ECMAScript objects for use as a guide or to be included in an application.

Easy to Control and Customize

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK allows access to applications' functions and data through a controlled and safe environment.

Technical Overview

Click here for an in-depth technical information on the capabilities of the ScriptEase ISDK.

Evaluation Version

Try SE:ISDK Now by downloading here.

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