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You can easily create ScriptEase methods that:

  • Manipulate structures/objects and their members
  • Take a variable number of arguments, and multiple argument typers
  • Create global variables and pre-processor #defines that can be shared between scripts
  • Map internal application structures, properties, and methods directly to the scripting language

The ScriptEase API

  • Allows you to access variables as strings, buffers, bytes, booleans, objects or numbers
  • Provides thread-safe interpretation for cooperative or preemptive systems
  • Allows your C/C++ or Java application call ScriptEase methods directly
  • Includes a debugger interface to allow users to single-step through the ScriptEase code, locally or remotely over TCP/IP
  • Provides an option to interpret from a string in memory or from a file

Compact and Portable

ScriptEase:Integration SDK/C works with the leading C/C++ compilers and any language that supports the C or Pascal calling conventions. SE:ISDK/Java is written in and works with any Pure Java application.

The libraries are fully thread safe and the Interpreter can execute ScriptEase JavaScript from within a single 64k segment. See the Tiny/Fast ISDK benchmarks for numbers.

Platforms and Operating Systems Supported

Windows 3.1
Windows '95/'98/2000/NT
Windows CE
Unix (Sun/Solaris, AIX, Irix, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, SCO Unix & FreeBSD)
DOS (including 16- and 32-bit DPMI)
MacOS (68k and PPC)

VxWorks (Wind River Systems)
All Pure Java platforms
Download page for all the above

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK seamlessly integrates with your application as a DLL (shared object or a code fragment) or a static library.

ScriptEase Functionality

The ScriptEase Interpreter offers all the flow control operators: if, else, while,do/while, for switch, and goto and also includes the pre-processor directives, #include, #if, #ifdef, #else #elif, #endif, #define.

ScriptEase can call your C or Java functions and conversely, your C or Java functions can call ScriptEase and any functionality or data within your application can be exposed to ScriptEase or not.

ScriptEase offers the functionality of a compiled language and the ease of an interpreter:

  • Make a calculation
  • Simulate key strokes
  • Format screen, file or printer output
  • Read a file from a menu selection or button press
  • Automate tasks
  • Spawn and/or subclass an application
  • Communicate via a network or with hardware
  • Make system calls

ScriptEase ISDK Support

The ScriptEase ISDK ships with numerous sample applications, on-line and printed documentation (html) format, and over 200 sample wrapper functions to use as a guide or include in your application. Technical support is provided via to guide you through the implementation process.

Evaluation Version

Try SE:ISDK Now by downloading here.

For more information, pricing, and details, e-mail Sales at


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