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It is often said that writing an application consumes 90% of the development time and money, and making final adjustments to that application consumes the other 90%. This adds to 180%, explaining why so many software projects are behind behind schedule and over-budget.

ScriptEase:Integration SDK offers a solution to this problem. By making the major features of the program scriptable, that final 10% of development can be finished in 10% of the time. Those seemingly-endless minor program changes--to support initial feedback, changing specifications, and differences in needs of different customers--can be handled by modifying the script that controls the application. Compared to the old system-language methods (rewrite, test, debug, rewrite, test debug) this script approach is much faster and less prone to introduce new bugs.

Not only does this approach save you time and money, but it lets you add value to your application. A single application that is not scripted can do only one job, but an application that can be scripted is capable of doing as many jobs as your users need. End-user customization provides real value to your application and increases your market beyond that of your competition. The ScriptEase:Integration SDK was designed to make it fast and easy to add this scripting value.

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