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 How can ScriptEase help me get my job done better, quicker, and cheaper?

You combine systems and applications into custom solutions to meet the exacting needs of your customers. You are a solution provider. The key to your success is to provide these solutions faster and cheaper than your competition. Scripting is the ideal gluing technique for combining and customizing individual tools into total systems.

For all systems and ISV components, no matter the operating system or vendor, there is a ScriptEase product to provide the appropriate level of customized glue for building complete solutions: ScriptEase:Desktop can be used for high level controlling tasks (with low-level APIs available when you need them), and for quickly automating any repetitive action. ScriptEase:WebServer Edition works as middleware between any web server and new or legacy applications, allowing any functionality to be accessible via the new web paradigms. ScriptEase:Integration SDK allows you quick customization of any software you must develop, to meet the changing needs of new customers (no two customers are ever quite the same, but you don't want to rewrite your entire application). New ScriptEase tools are being added, such as MailMon for enhancing mail to handle workflow, and WebClient Edition for allowing web clients full access to their systems.

Finally, with Nombas' Distributed Scripting technology, any two systems can be easily combined into a single solution, whether they are in the same office or across the world, whether they are new or legacy, and whether they are Windows, OS/2, Unix, Macintosh, or OS390; Distributed Scripting smooths over all of these differences.

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