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 How can ScriptEase help me get my job done better, quicker, and cheaper?

It seems that a system administrator's job is never done: All those systems to support! The upgrades! The downtime! The users!!!

Imagine if you could run a common set of tools on every one of your users' systems, no matter where the system is, what programs it has loaded, what version of an operating system is installed, or how the user has configured that system. Imagine that you had full set of development tools whenever you had to visit a users' system, and then imagine that you didn't have to visit the user system because the work could be done remotely, even automatically. Imagine the time and money you would save!

Now get ScriptEase:Desktop installed on every system (or commonly available on your network) and everything you've imagined becomes a reality. In one very small footprint, ScriptEase:Desktop provides powerful and safe scripting on every desktop. From the moment each user boots of or logs onto the network you can be assured that the scripts you write can benefit and control your entire organization.

With the addition of Distributed Scripting this desktop power is increased exponentially until ultimately your entire organization can be maintained from a single location. We call this new power Workgroup Scripting, and it means the type of control you used to have available on a single system is now available for the entire workgroup: you finally have control over installation, monitoring, problem-catching and ultimately the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your entire network.

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