Who is Brent Noorda, and why is he doing this session?

  • Scripting advocate for 5 long years
    I have been advocating scripting as the next level in making computers usable since 1992, when I created the Cmm language.

  • Founder of Nombas; creator of Cmm (now JavaScript)
    I founded Nombas 5 years ago to create tools to add scripting to every type of application. The original Cmm (C minus minus) has morphed into JavaScript/ECMAScript, but it's pretty much the same thing.

  • Firsts for Brent and Nombas
    • Nombas was first to introduce a script language as powerful as C, including all of the libraries, yet simple and useful by average folk.
    • First to add client-side scripting to web pages.
    • First with remotely-debuggable, fully integratable server-side scripting.
    • First with distributed scripting to extend script-gluing across networked computers.
    • First to think a company could be built around the sole purpose of providing scripting to the world.

Disclaimer: My bias is towards JavaScript/ECMAScript, because Nombas is built around providing tools toward this language. But almost everything stated in this presentation applies to all of the scripting languages, because scripting is more a way of thinking than it is any particular language. I will try to fairly present demos in a variety of languages, although I'm best at presenting JavaScript and so expect more demos with JavaScript (and with Nombas' JavaScript) than with the other languages.

If you think I'm blowing my horn too much here (I forgot to mention that I used to be a pretty good trumpet player), then get your own session to prepare for and present to.



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